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Yes, Lott re-recorded the song in the made up language of 7.Lady Gaga has her Monsters, Rihanna has her Navy, Pixie Lott has her Crazycats.On her first headline tour she even encouraged fans to come dressed up as cats, but this frivolity was put to an end after a scandalous interview with the as holiday park singer Megan, who sadly makes her grand entrance as a dead body.

And I was shivering, but I couldn't shiver, because I was meant to be dead." magazine.

Their relationship is the source of much of Lott's songwriting, and she has a secret hope that one day the tables might turn. " she told Dean Piper, "but I don't think that's going to happen as Oliver isn't the best singer. They say never to meet your idols, and Pixie's moment with hers didn't quite go to plan.

I would try and teach him but I just don't think there's any hope. When she bumped into Mariah Carey, she was so nervous that she could only mumble that she was a huge fan.

Steve Harvey started out in stand-up comedy, and has had some amazing comedy specials.

Now he has truly transformed himself into an actor, author, host, and more.