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Think through this scenario and come up with a plan for if or when it happens. If the dating site you’re using has steps to communication, be prompt and don’t wait weeks to respond to a message.

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The how is less important than the when, so make a plan to keep things moving forward. Whether you’ve been emailing someone for a few weeks or whether you’ve gone out to dinner, if you decide it’s not the right fit, let them know.

Just a simple “hey, I enjoyed getting to know you, but I’ve decided to invest in another match instead” is all you need.

It’s helpful for both parties to know if they should keep a match open or closed, so be respectful and communicate when you’re closing the door. If you’ve done online dating, what stood out to you that your matches did well?

Next week I’ll offer tips on how to keep God part of the online dating process.

When you first start dating someone you met online, it's inevitable that uncomfortable moments are going to occur from time to time.