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u/LC f/^oiucc C ift ^c M '''*^ '4Sx'''jl U^*» We, the students of the University of North Carolina, dedicate this fifty-ninth vohime of the Yackety Yack to William Donald Carmichael, Sr., a true Carolina gentleman.

He has instilled his love for his school in the generations that followed him. The isest orientation program for new students was carried through at the beginning of the college year and has been followed up by student leaders in a personal and effective way.

His four sons and the three of his grandchildren who have reached college age have attended Carolina. Freshman Assembly was reestablished; the Interdormitory Council reinvigorated with its potentialities for dormitory self-government; the Student-Faculty Dance Committee reorganized for improvement of t'ne University dances; conduct before, during, and after football games improved; house discussion groups inaugurated, filling a real need in dormitory and fraternity life; organization by the president of this student body in cooperation with the presidents of the student body at the Woman's College and at State College of the Greater University Student Council for the presentation of the Univer- sity's needs to the citizens of the State and a program for constructive relations in the three-fold University family; and inauguration this spring by the Pl-d Beta t Cappa of plans for an annual University Convocation of faculty and students devoted to the recog- nition of the central place of scholarship in the life of students and the purpose of the University.

It is with pride that we dedicate this book to a Tar Heel "born and bred", William D. THE UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA Uiiifers/ly of Norih Carolina at chapel hill • i^orth Carolina State College of Agric/illiire and Engineering at raleigh • The Woman's College at GREENSBORO Coiisolidi^ited Offices (HAPF. The Student Legislature, the Honor Councils, the literary societies, the student publications, intercollegiate and intermural debates, the musical and the dramatic associations have afforded a real outlet for the student's participation in his own education. Graham Our CHRn CELLOR Chancellor of the University ROBERT B.

The churches of the community and the campus religious organizations have in their various and vigorous ways emphasized the need and value of the spiritual conception of God as the Father and- youth as the hopeful brother of all men. HOUSE ^^N I V The many administrative problems of a large and complex university that is the University of North Carolina are faced ably by our Chancellor, Robert B. Today a man of foresight and capability, as well as sincerity, is needed to guide the administration of the University.