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To emerge as a global player in the primary energy sector committed to provide energy security to the country by attaining environmentally & socially sustainable growth through best practices from mine to market.

Thus, the T-E-A-C-H “program” includes five “projects”, each with specific focus but inter-linked with the others in objective and content so as to contribute to the program goal of Total Literacy accompanied with improvement in learning outcome of primary education and spread of adult literacy in various parts of the country.

Child Development project: This project aims to promote education of out-of-school children age between 7 to 14 years, including those who are either differently-abled or otherwise at risk, by facilitating their access to mainstream State-funded primary/elementary. The project is named as ‘Asha Kiran – A ray of Hope’.

The activity sets included in this project are: Criteria for selection of children under Asha Kiran project of Rotary India Literacy Mission (RILM): • The Child is between age group 7 to 14 years • Child who has never been to school • Child who is a laggard (the child’s learning outcome is less than his/her age- appropriate class.) Priorities should be given to following socially vulnerable groups: children at risk, like children of inmates, children in conflict with law, runaway children, children of sex workers, children of migrant workers, victims of child labour practices, HIV positive children, children of HIV positive parents, orphans and children in need of care and protection.

Program Activities • Facilitating formal education of such children by getting them admitted to mainstream State-funded schools after providing them necessary non-formal education through intermediary centres. 2000/- depending on the number of children to be taken up.

• Engaging in advocacy for (a) provision, in these schools, of statutory amenities based on the needs of such children by leveraging the RTE Act provisions, (b) promoting teacher sensitivity to the needs of these children and (c) appropriate teacher training for handling them. The release of fund will be in following manner • 25% of 2000 at the time of admission of the child in informal study center.


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