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Is it a game changing experience or more of just a fun life experience?

Was it motly information you can read/watch online?

Again, my goal is to just be a sponge and learn as much about the game of hockey I can. With a limited number of vacation days this year is not the year, but I have to imagine some people on here have had experiences. Looks like a great camp to eat, sleep, and play hockey, then unwind a little in a great environment. I've never been as an adult but have spoken to several guys who went to the camp as an adult and loved it.

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At the end of the week they have a keg for all the adults after all the hockey activities are over. I have let CAn Am know that I thought the instructors did too many drills.

You won't find a better camp in the States but I have no idea what it costs these days. I was there with my son for adult/child family camp, so the program was designed primarily for the kids. Too many drills meant too much time explaining what they wanted to do.

Im surprised by the lack of experienced comments so far.

Considering Heartland has aprox 100 adult campers annually. How do you think the CAN/AM improved your overall game?

I really want to improve my fundementals this 2nd year and develop a better understanding/vision for the game.