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The historic Rudolfsturm Tower once was a fortification to defend the mining area against invaders and served as the home of the director of the mines.

The tower still offers a gorgeous view over the village of Hallstatt and its lake, while the restaurant provides a variety of delicious local dishes as well as a cup of good coffee and a piece of home-made cake.

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The new visitor attraction is located directly below the former defence tower on the Hallstatt Salzberg (salt mountain).

There is plenty to discover around the Salzberg in Hallstatt: salt in many variations, fantastic panoramic views, cosy rest stops, numerous nature trails for hikers and challenging climbing routes.

There is something for everyone: Families, sports enthusiasts or nature lovers. Hallstatt | Rudolfsturm: Standing at the entrance to the Salzberg high valley above Hallstatt, the original structure of the Rudolf’s Tower was a medieval defence tower dating back to the ate 13th century.

» Rudolfsturm (Rudolf’s Tower) Hallstatt | Salzberg: Everyone needs a bit of excitement!

350 meters above the rooftops of Hallstatt: The spectacular viewing platform "World Heritage View" on the Salzberg (salt mountain). » ‘World Heritage View’ on Hallstatt’s Salzberg Hallstatt | Salzberg: Prehistoric necropolis situated at the elevated plain over Hallstatt, object of scientific research with over 4,000 graves that are still to be uncovered.