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In actuality today, most rabbis recommend observing the day according to local practice. We should pray for God to make His will known, and to help and guide us in fulfilling that will.

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Please forgive my ignorance, but can you tell me why it appears that the Jewish people do not actively encourage the rest of society to convert to Judaism and thus spread the knowledge of God and wisdom of the Torah to the rest of humanity?

Would not the Jewish aims – to bring peace, harmony, love, understanding and spiritual perfection to the world – be better achieved if Torah was shared with more of society, rather than being "kept" to people who happen to be fortunate to be born Jewish?

It would be discriminatory for Judaism to proselytize and try to convert those not of the religion.

That would imply that everybody needs to be Jewish in order to make a relationship with God, participate in the Torah's vision of repairing the world, and "get to heaven." Yet this is not so.

The idea of demanding that everyone convert is probably familiar to you as a Christian ideal.