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Responding to news of his return teased by another user, Michael Musto, Jackson said, "It's true." He also told Musto on Out, "It's just different than anything I've ever done." Other cast members who have been confirmed to join Jackson in the upcoming series are Angela Bassett, Lady Gaga, Evan Peters, and Leslie Jordan.

The Islamic State (IS) has released a new video earlier this month showing children being trained to fight on the front lines.

The narrator of the video said that the young pupils will eventually conquer several cities in the Middle East and Europe, including Jerusalem and Rome.

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Although the network did not give out too many details, it did confirm the highly rated show's return on Sept. Details about the upcoming installment have been kept under wraps, but some disclosures earlier made by the series creator, Ryan Murphy, have kept the interest in the new season really high.

Back in March, Murphy revealed that the new season will cover two story ideas which will involve "elements of children." This has given birth to many recent speculations regarding the possible plot for season 6 of "American Horror Story." One such speculation is that the story will tell of a disturbed child with a dreadful past.

This conjecture even proposes Shree Crooks as the portrayer of the character.

It is remembered that Crooks has played the character Scarlett on "AHS: Hotel." The popularity of such films as "Annabelle" and "Child's Play," which have appealed much to horror film lovers, has also brought to mind the idea of a doll who can manipulate its owner into performing acts of evil, including murder.

It is suggested that Jamie Brewer, who played Marjorie on "AHS: Freak Show," would be satisfying as an evil version of Barbie.