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Now, I love sci-fi, I’m a big fan, but I think there was a kernel of truth in what they were saying.If you don’t jazz on all that stuff with aliens and quantum theory, you would still jazz on the first season of Dark Matter, because fundamentally it was a simple question of if it’s nature vs. If you forget everything about who you are, are you still who you are?Those are basic fundamental, really interesting questions that we kept dealing with in Season 1.

We have to grow, we have to evolve and I think Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie did the right thing by expanding the universe and bringing in larger questions about what the world looks like.

TTVJ: There’s a belief that the only story that anyone ever tells is ‘who am I?

’ From what you’re saying it sounds like next season moves from the Raza wondering who they are as people, to figuring out who they are in the world at large.

AL: Yes, fundamentally that’s exactly what it is, right up until the very end of the season. Are we mercenaries or do we do things to help people? That was also a story in the beginning of the [first] season with the miners, but it becomes a more central thing as the season progresses, culminating in something of a selfless act.

I do think that’s fundamentally what Dark Matter does continue to trade on is that idea of who am I, and you definitely find out a lot more about each character’s past and that gets incorporated into the manner of which they move forward, and all of a sudden now they’re not behaving the way they used to behave.