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2TR, Aldo Aymonino, BAN Baglivo Negrini Architetti, CAMPO, Franco Purini / Laura Thermes, GRAU, Labics, ma0, st ARTT – studio di architettura e trasformazioni territoriali, TSPOON environment architecture, ULTRA Architettura In 1967, during an interview with George Mac Beth for BBC’s Radio Third Programme, the British author James Graham Ballard quoted a Salvador Dali’s phrase, “Mind is a state of landscape” to introduce the paradoxical idea that external landscapes are directly shaped by interior states of mind.

“A Roman State of Landscape” reconstructs a map of the imagination’s landscape which lies behind the built form of Rome.

Mariabruna Fabrizi and Fosco Lucarelli (Socks-Studio / Microcities) invite a number of Rome-based architects of different generations to choose visual excerpts of their production alongside with fragments of what nourished their inspiration.

Is there a common ground among different authors acting in the same city in different historical moments?

What is eventually the “landscape of mind” of contemporary Rome?

The curatorial choices, the affinities and divergences among the Rome-based architects will be introduced in an informal roundtable hosted by Gabriele Mastrigli with the invited contributors, uncovering and analysing fragments of their imagination in their works.

Mariabruna Fabrizi and Fosco Lucarelli are the authors of the independent research site SOCKS (, an endless journey through built and imaginary territories that constructs a landscape of imagination able to eventually reflect into the built environment.

If the Socks-studio platform is located on the web – thus everywhere and nowhere at the same time – “A Roman State of Landscape” reflects on the material presence of the map in the physical space of CAMPO, gathering the contribution of architects who live and work in a specific place: the city of Rome.