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No, firing a few more people to get your business under 15 employees won’t help.

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The right to specifically discriminate in hiring, too, has been in question — notably, the Creation Museum’s Ark Park recently lost government funding due, in part, to an insistence that employees share the founder’s fundamentalist Christian beliefs.

So, what was the response to the business owner’s Reddit request? He’d like to know whether he can legally fire this woman for being an unwed, pregnant, cohabitating non-Christian, and if not, what loopholes might make it legal.

If none, then he asks, what should he do to prepare for the lawsuit?

Closing, he notes that he’d rather lose the business completely than continue to employ a non-Christian woman.

“I really do wish her the best and hope she finds Christ (she’s an atheist), but I can’t help her lead others astray.