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She felt she was close to passing out so she told her mother to ask Gilda to let go; only then was she finally able to stop crying.

Silvina then dreamt of Gilda alive every night for the next five years, and she decided to devote herself to the singer.

As an artist herself, Silvina says she lets Gilda inspire her when she paints her portraits.

“You can see her eyes follow you across the room,” she says “her photograph is a window through which she remains present, keeps you company, brings you peace, and helps you as much as she can, year after year.” It’s hard to say how many people consider themselves devotees of Gilda.

Many of her fans only admire her music, or worship their idol in the privacy of their own homes.

But some openly follow her as a kind of “popular saint“.

It was already like this when she was still alive, says Alejandro Margulis, author of the book ‘Gilda, la abanderada de la bailanta’.

People would follow her after her shows, asking her to touch them as they believed she could cure their diseases.