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I will wait for the celebration to settle before I pursue my own retribution though.

Personally, I believe an apology should be given to those before DADT who found they were fighting against a dishonorable or undesirable discharge (as in the case of the recent WWII veteran). " Maybe I could have handled those questions if I thought I was different than my straight counterparts. I was at the top of my Radioman class, had orders for a specialized training in Virginia Beach, was looking forward to the bump up to Petty Officer Third Class and sent to a Marine base in Okinawa, where no one had less than an E-4 ranking.

Though I was able to negotiate a general discharge under honorable conditions, I still faced a life with an F4 code (meaning that I could never reenlist), no veteran benefits, and a file that literally included homosexuality in the same category as bestiality and sodomy. Instead I was given new orders which consisted of a large plastic tag with the letters BCT (Building Clean-up Team) written across it.

I think of all who served before 1993 and how they felt sitting in a psychiatrist's office being asked to answer 400 questions from a book that repeated itself. I relocated across the base to new barracks, and was put “on hold” for a while.

It means that I could ask for an honorable discharge, veteran's benefits (for health insurance), and have the F4 code retracted.


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