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I wouldn’t recommend signing up a friend or family member up for an account.Not only do you have to win the girl or guy over, you also have to make sure their pet likes you and each of your pets get along together.After all that, you might as well get married just so you don’t have to deal with all the aggravation again.

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They can relate to you in ways a non ugly person could never understand." Remember, it's what's on the inside that counts!

Slogan: Dating can be a stormy sea - especially if you're always at sea. Since 2007, the dating site has been helping lonely old sea dogs find their match - you can even search for pen pals on the site.

Online dating has become as common as meeting someone at a bar or through a mutual friend.

Sites like e Harmony and are the most popular, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some very specific sites for those looking for a partner that shares a particular passion.

Here are 20 of the most bizarre dating sites the internet has to offer.


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    The top three overall toughest judges were all age 30 or higher.

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