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And out of nowhere, they were approached by The Hilltop denizen who’d been looking for his horse. (And you had to dig his Power Ranger outfit.) Back on the road, Rick kept trying to reassure Maggie, but he was sounding less and less certain.

Before Rick could leave on the trek with Abraham, Sasha, Eugene and Aaron, he just had to first make sure that Alexandria was secure.

Or at least as secure as it could be with Daryl, Carol, Michonne and Glenn all away. “Tell ’em to wait for me,” replied Rick, already underestimating his opponent.

Gabriel, now miraculously a bona fide hero, promised that he knew what to do. “I got a deal for ’em.” En route to The Hilltop, Rick assured Maggie that the doc was “gonna make things better.” How could he be so sure?

What’s more, he added that his “first priority is Judith.” So it was with some confidence that Rick left him in charge. “It’s always been all of us,” he explained, and “as long as it’s all of us, we can do anything.” Unfortunately, their RV was soon stopped by a buncha Saviors with an unfortunate soul who’d broken their rules and was now going to be used as an example.

(By the way, exactly how many Saviors are there, anyway? ) Rick offered to strike a bargain, but the only one the Saviors were interested in was the usual one: Give us all your stuff. Surprisingly, after he and Rick threatened each other a bit, the Saviors seemed to let the Alexandrians go. “I’m gonna die,” she said, “so there’s nothing wrong with me anymore.” Pissed, he shot her again and asked if she thought she’d suffered enough.