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Start your day off right with the new’s healthy custom cereal mixes, delivered right to you! No more pecking through the cereal box to find your favourite ingredients!

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Cereal-lovers can customize their own breakfast bowls based on personal taste and dietary preferences and restrictions.

With over 70 ingredients to choose from, mixes can be gluten free, low in sugar, high in fibre and always packed full of taste!

So when team contacted me and asked me if I would like to test and review my own customized cereal mix, I gladly said yes! Like most Canadians, I have my usual cereal bowl from widely known cereal brands available in supermarkets like Kellogg’s Cornflakes or Cheerio every morning.

I have never had the opportunity to try a customized cereal, like the ones available at, so I instantly became curious about this new type of cereals and I agreed to review them.

The ingredient list from includes quinoa, hemp, maple syrup sunflower seeds, dried strawberries and more.