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To over- come this fraud a turnpike company in the upper end of our county, oiled the turnpike for several hundred yards with the re- sult that there was no dust and the numbers could be read.

6, 1921, the longest con- tinuous service of any officer of the society. TURNPIKE ROADS IN BUCKS COUNTY 27 A youthful gate-keeper said : "Air. went through with his car as if the devil was after him, he had no time to stop and pay toll." When cars are speeding, the air becomes filled with dust and the license numbers are apt to become dirty and not readable, and the cars soon drive out of sight.

7, 1846, was one of the original directors when the society was chartered in 1885, and served down to date of his death, Feb. He was the author of seven octavo books made ud of his reminiscences, travels, local history and poetry. At the Fountain- ville gate and also at the Turk gate some practices do not con- form to the golden rule, but it may be charitable to know that many of the offenders do not reside in that immediate neighbor- hood.

17, 1922, contributed seven papers to the society, the last one read by him personally at the Cuttalossa Valley meeting, when in the eighty-second of his age. The Mechanicsville road leading off from the Buckingham and Doylestown turnpike, a short distance be- yond Pool's Corner, has been made the "scape-goat" by many who are candidates for the "Annanias Club," by reason of not telling the truth as to the route they traveled.

A new toll gate-keeper soon noticed that a certain man was in the habit of passing through the gate without stopping, he fre- quently stopped, however, at the hotel near by, therefore "once upon a time" the gate-keeper stopped him and demanded toll, he replied that he "had not been in the habit of paying toll in that way, but at times treated the gate-keeper at the hotel across the way." The gate-keeper replied "If I want whisky I will pay for it myself and you must pay your toll." Knowing the make-up of the gate-keeper, I have no doubt that both suggestions were carried out to the letter.