Camels sex

A sex camel is a person who can go for extremely long periods of time without having any sex whatsoever.Similar to a Camel storing water, this woman stores her sexual satisfaction and stimulation up somewhere in her body, most likely her breasts, labia majora, or lymph nodes.Sex camels are extremely dangerous to most men, partially because they are so difficult to identify.

She hasn’t had any physical contact with another human being since Bill Clinton gave her one last finger fuck under the table while their lawyers argued for a settlement.

She is the epitome of a sexual camel; only she is forced to abstain because she’s so fucking ugly).

It is important that if you ever identify a sexual camel, especially one who is somewhat attractive, that you immediately notify every mutual male friend within a 50 mile radius.

If you don’t, your best friend could spend weeks or even months trying to break open the water sac of this frigid beast, only to fail time and time again.

New hot star here only enter and receive pleasure to come let out all this again tomorrow.