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As long as you cancel the subscription during your first seven days, you’ll be charged nothing.

This is a hassle although I suspect they do this so you cannot continuously sign up for additional free trial periods.

Chuzzle Deluxe, developed by Pop Cap Games Inc., is a puzzle game full of non-stop explosion of adorable matching action!

The purpose of the game is highly simple: you have to pop the furry balls, called Chuzzle, by forming groups of three or more.

It features four modes in which you can engage yourself in the game, and their difficulty goes from easy to really hard! There is even a play mode called Zen Chuzzle Mode that goes forever or until you want to quit! You can enjoy hours playing within this mode, just clicking and popping up these cute and friendly furry balls.

As in every game, there are some dangerous instances, and in this cool game, you have to watch out for puzzle locks what means that Chuzzles won’t be able to move either up or down.

The higher the level the more Chuzzles that get locked until finally you cannot move anything and the game is over…But don’t you worry because you can start again anytime!