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It publishes articles in English, French, and German.

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If abbreviations do not appear below, please spell out the word or words. Aufsteig und Niedergang der römischen Welt (followed by Roman numeral of series, and Arabic numeral[s] of volume number, date of publications in parentheses, and page numbers: e.g., ANRW II.33.6 [1992]: 4709-23).

Please also note that some abbreviations appear in italics (i.e., underlined in the manuscript) others do not. Biblical books: Separate chapter and verse with a period, not a colon.

Propertius’s second book presents a drift away from the masochistic erotics of the elegiac lifestyle.

Where writing and loving are so entwined, the consequences of this new direction are felt with both the pen and the heart.

The poem that best illustrates this constant duality is 2.23.