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Blast Off Apps offers a flat fee of ,500 to design apps for both Android and Apple stores.

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"No longer will small business be priced and delayed out of the mobile market.

Blast Off Apps wants every local, small business to have mobile." Many revelers will gather at Thrival this weekend to check out the festival's musical lineup, but for area entrepreneurs, the festival offers the opportunity to network, learn something new and maybe even be discovered, according to Thrill Mill CEO Bobby Zappala.

Zappala says the music and innovation festival started in 2007 because he and friends in the startup community felt they needed somewhere to have a good time while learning about what entrepreneurs in Pittsburgh were up to.

"People were doing interesting things, but they weren’t really communicating effectively," says Zappala, whose start-up incubator organized the festival.

Small Pittsburgh businesses that need affordable mobile apps can now turn to a new local startup.