Dating in brooklyn heights

Most of these reproductions are not in Bobcat, but can be found on this spreadsheet. Please see a member of the library staff to request any reproduction for review. If you are interested in seeing a restricted access map, please e-mail the library.Map reproductions can be identified by their call number, which end with . Click here to view the Map Reproductions Inventory Restricted Access Please note that access to some of our maps is restricted, based on the age and condition of the item. Library staff will determine whether the map can be handled at the time of your request.

BHS Maps Spreadsheet with GIS The cells in this spreadsheet are extracted from the MARC records in Bobcat.

Some MARC formatting has been preserved, most notably the pipe delimiters and subfield identification–e.g. Some may wish to convert the subfield delimiters into commas to create a CSV sheet, while others will want to work with the MARC fields as is.

We have decided to present this data basically as it comes from the catalog, as it is easy to manipulate the data for individual needs.

Only a part of the map collection is included in this spreadsheet.

Brooklyn Historical Society possesses a collection of historical maps spanning the years circa 1562 to 2014.