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The group united in their support of palliative care as a viable, moral alternative to euthanasia and assisted suicide […] Read full article What would happen if every time a woman considered abortion thousands of Christians started praying specifically for her and her baby?

Faytene Grasseschi believes God would powerfully intervene, saving […] Read full article National Evangelization Team (NET) ministries gathered their missionary teams last month, in Ottawa, to celebrate God’s work during the past year.

The six teams spent the past eight months […] Read full article Building on last year’s momentum, the Big Give 2016 impacted people across Ottawa, inside the Church out.

Salem accomplished both of these purposes throughout the 33 years it served God and His people in Ottawa.

What would happen if every time a woman considered abortion thousands of Christians started praying specifically for her and her baby?


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    Profesorul Florin Constantiniu despre Tezaurul Romaniei, Acordul Rakovski si Basarabia In comunicarea sa cu tema “Tezaurul Romaniei, Acordul Rakovski si Basarabia”, sustinuta la Academia Romana, in mai anul trecut, si filmata integral de Ziaristi Online, regretatul academician Florin Constantiniu a dezvaluit ca primul care a devalizat Tezaurul Romaniei – confiscat la nici doi ani de la predarea lui, “spre pastrare”, Rusiei imperiale -, a fost chiar Lenin, pentru a finanta revolutia bolsevica din Romania, scop pentru care i-a alocat lui Rakovski cinci milioane de ruble cu specificarea ca un milion sa fie furnizat in lei romanesti.