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Please check the corresponding audio before quoting in print. And the tie-breaking question-- I guess she needed it, yeah, because she tied-- "What are the three things you should take on a mystery? Employment history for the 11-year-old Andrea-- "None." "Are you interested in the fingerprint examiner position in Washington, DC? My mother had a thing for detectives, be they old, blind, or paralyzed from the waist down, she just couldn't get enough. Detective worship became something they practiced together, swapping plot lines the way other mothers and daughters exchanged recipes or grooming tips. These dopers have a habit to feed every minute of every day, which means they're always on the lookout for their next mark. You saw the report in the paper, the brand new Ford Mustang, remember? And I said we don't even have gypsies in this part of the country.

Full audio: How many of us today have had a moment where we entertained that dream of being a private eye, of being Kojak or Columbo or Rockford or-- there are just so many. And, of course, every week on this program we bring you a variety of stories documenting every day life in these United States. "And at age 11, Andrea De Fotis wrote to the FBI and got an application to become a special agent. " 11-year-old Andrea says, "Yes.""Are you willing to proceed to Washington, DC, or any other duty station at your own expense? And I don't know if I still have 20-20 vision, but I did. In fact, here it is, quotes from The Story of the Secret Service. One television program would end and the next one begin, filling our house with the constant din of gunfire and squealing tires. Cupping her hands to the side of her mouth, Lisa would yell, "Tubby's still tracking down leads, but I'm betting it's the Chinesey guy with the eye patch and the ponytail."Theirs was a world of obvious suspects. Try the emotionally disturbed lumberjack loitering near the tool shed behind the victim's house. Perhaps it's a 30-year-old 10th grader with a gym bag full of bloody rope. Give me a pair of skates and a book of matches, and I'll burn this whole town down. "It's easy to solve a case where none of the suspects were capable of telling a decent lie. This was a heroin addict who followed the girl home from the bank, parked his car around the corner, broke into the house, and robbed her at knifepoint.""If he can't afford a gun, what's he doing with a car? I said the car had been taken by a dope addict who'd use it for a couple of burglaries before selling it to a chop shop.

And on today's program, we're going to hear a number of stories about people who want to be detectives, adults and children. And one of the things that's interesting about it-- and I think this is probably a typical problem for many armchair, wannabe detectives-- is that it records her desire to gather clues and solve cases. " 11-year-old Andrea says, "Yes." References-- Anne Fotzikis, turns out to be her godmother. "A man who wants to join the Secret Service must be between 23 and 30 years old, at least five feet eight, and not over six feet two in height."What is it about this dream of being a g-man, a detective, a spook, a sleuth, a private eye? It's like Eskimos having so many words for the word snow. Downstairs, the obese detective would collect his breath on the bow of the drug lord's pleasure craft, while up in the kitchen, his elderly colleague hurled himself over a low brick wall in pursuit of the baby-faced serial killer. It was no wonder these cases were solved so quickly. It seemed that anyone could solve a murder, just so long as they had a telephone, a few hours of spare time, and a wet bar. The more suspects she identified over the course of a season, the more confident she became. Bingo, there you have it."She crushed her cigarette and used the butt to trawl an X through the residue at the bottom of her blackened ashtray, her way of pronouncing that this particular case was closed. "Vandalism at 318 Poole Road, breaking and entering at the Five Points Pharmacy, a hit and run traffic accident in the parking lot of Swain Steakhouse.

And we'll begin with one of the purest expressions of this desire you could possibly find. But sadly for her, she was leading a life where there were really not that many cases to be solved. Well, today on our program, the dream of being a private eye, and how that dream measures up to reality. Writer David Sedaris tells the story of two armchair detectives in his own family, and how they handle a crime wave that occurs right under their own roof, in their own home. I go on a stakeout, me, with a real private eye, right here in Chicago, in a location so profoundly sinister that I cannot even disclose it to you on our program. Every clue was italicized with a burst of surging trumpets. Together, she and my sister would comb the local newspaper, speculating on each reported crime. It was always the work of a drug addict or a former police officer, a renegade, a rogue.

The book is divided up into sections with names like Solved, Unsolved, though if you look inside it, you cannot tell the difference. And spying is fun, but I'm too tall for it.""Do you know what the four types of fingerprints are? Stay with us.[MUSIC PLAYING - "RAYMOND CHANDLER EVENING" BY ROBYN HITCHCOCK]Act One, Wannabe. They offer the satisfaction of this kind of story in the purest possible way. And under questioning, the suspects snapped like toothpicks, buckling in less time than it took to soft boil an egg."You want to know who set fire to the skate ranch? "We know that the girl was held at knifepoint on the second floor of her house," Lisa said, tapping a pencil against her forehead. "Maybe she was at a restaurant, and the cook noticed she had a lot of money in her pocketbook.""Right," my mother said, "because that's what cooks do, isn't it? In a world of guns, what kind of person would use a knife? To hear my mother talk, you'd think the sunny, manicured streets of suburban Raleigh were crawling with heroin addicts, the needles poking through the sleeves of their tattered police uniforms.