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When I moved out to Dubai, I had only been in straight relationships, so I didn’t move out there intending to be in a gay relationship.‘Today, I am still in that gay relationship and neither of us would move back, because we don’t want to have to hide our relationship.‘I suppose it just depends on your reasons for moving out there.

If it was a short-term plan to make some money and climb the career ladder, perhaps a couple of years of keeping things behind closed doors is a small price to pay.

But I certainly wouldn’t recommend it as a long-term plan.’Will your employer support you?

If you are thinking about relocation, besides researching the legal situation in specific countries, you also might want to check first on how your company might support you.

If you’re gay, what might it be like to relocate to the region for work purposes? While being gay can result in capital punishment and imprisonment in Saudi Arabia, the situation if very different in Israel, where same-sex sexual activity is legal and gay people go about their lives without too much fear of persecution.