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When it came to my remaining plants, I had to stop focusing on ridding the soil of the bugs and instead immerse the plant stems in water. They not only survived, but after a year of strengthening and growing new roots, I re-planted them and they’re now beginning to thrive again with new growth!

My friends, God wants to do the same thing for me and you.

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Hi, Katrina Wylie here again, and I’ve been beyond blessed by all the sharing so far!

Let’s keep the community going today as we dig into Chapter 3 of #The Mended Heart — “When the Church Hurts Your Heart.” Back when I was in high school, my mom, recognizing my love for decorating, gave me a plant for my bedroom.

It was one off her office desk so, feeling like it was something she treasured, I treasured the gift all the more. Like God, recognizing our love for communing with believers, has given us a gift.

And because I know He treasures the church, I treasure it all the more too.

Well, it’s been many years since I received the plant and, yes, I still have it, but it is a changed plant.