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uk is the first free online copy of Domesday Book, with search and mapping of Domesday places, images of the facsimile and entry level statistics.

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One of the main purposes of the survey was to determine who held what and what taxes had been liable under Edward the Confessor; the judgment of the Domesday assessors was final—whatever the book said about who held the material wealth or what it was worth, was the law, and there was no appeal.

It was written in Latin, although there were some vernacular words inserted for native terms with no previous Latin equivalent, and the text was highly abbreviated.

Richard Fitz Nigel, writing around the year 1179, stated that the book was known by the English as "Domesday", that is the Day of Judgment "for as the sentence of that strict and terrible last account cannot be evaded by any skilful subterfuge, so when this book is appealed to ...

its sentence cannot be put quashed or set aside with impunity.

[ 'du:mzdeɪ ]■ noun a comprehensive record of the extent, value, ownership, and liabilities of land in England, made in 1086 by order of William I. of doomsday , because the book was regarded as a final authority.