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This musical documentary was based upon the "America's Needs and Resources" white paper by the Twentieth Century Fund liberal think tank. ) (We'll do less work and be more prosperous in 1960 thanks to our natural resources and improved labor relations.) There's more about this documentary here: https://edu/mehrlich/www/A Halloween treat!Hosts Geoff and Katrina count down their favorite Halloween cartoons.(Warning - Some minor audio issues with Geoff's mic sensitivity.Our apologies and they will all be fixed in the next podcast) Enjoy!

Finally, a rousing game of Jest the Facts caps off the episode. The reason of it being banned is quite obvious and I do not need to point it out. Creative Zen X-Fi2 -> unboxing video: A phone call... Subscription of Donald Duck paperback book has started.

This one was found on a Child's computer hard drive. Selling stuff on auction (consoles)Two shorter bits make up Fun and Fancy Free.

We know what they were watching while the parents were away. First we have Bongo the Circus Bear which features lots of unicycling.

In this bonus episode, we use the Ducktales movie as a launching point to discuss roleplaying in the expansive duck universe that Disney has built over decades of cartoons, comics, films, and video games. And then we have Mickey and the Beanstalk which features Donald going CRAZY and some jello.

Listen in to hear our thoughts on the common threads of duck stories; our ideas on new places to take the duck universe at the gaming table; and a scrupulously civil debate about which duck cartoon had the best theme song. Chip and Dale Donald Duck is famous cartoon of Disney for children, it is one of the film are so many children in the world favorite, besides it attracts a large number of spectators at all ages also love.