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In a fullish House several wimples, bald patches, crucifixes, and beards were to be seen.The best beard, by a very long and rather yellowing strand, belonged to the Very Rev Archimandrite Ephrem Lash, of Chorlton-cum-Hardy, an ecumenical observer from the Orthodox churches.Father Ephrem made a speech about liturgical matters, referring to his uncle Bill who had been Bishop of Bombay, and explaining how he had been called to the priesthood in a first-class railway carriage somewhere between London and Manchester.

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When he sat down his fellow beardwearer, Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, roared with laughter and applauded, holding his hands up close to his chest and clapping with swift, feather-soft movements. When MPs laugh in the Commons it is normally because an opponent, or better still a colleague, has come the most frightful cropper.

Here at Synod they laughed in encouragement, with one another.

Almost every speaker, even in some decidedly chewy financial debates, deployed humour and self-deprecation.

The speeches were generally brief, well-composed, and delivered with clarity. The only exception to clarity was Father Ephrem, whose beard (the size of a rampant clematis) got in the way.

WE WERE only 15 minutes into yesterday's meeting of Synod at Church House, just over the road from the Palace of Westminster, when a wigged clerk shouted the word: 'Divide! We all know the C of E has its niggles, but this was impressive.


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    A name index linked to digital images of the burial registers of the church. The area of the union is 22,254 acres; rateable value at Michaelmas, 1912, £767,229; the population in 1901 was 139,207, and in 1911, 167,533. Barnabas road, Linthorpe, erected in 1878, at a cost of £40,000, is a structure of brick, from designs by Messrs. Several alterations & additions have since been made at the workhouse, & the buildings are now estimated to hold 1,000 inmates.