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Now if we write the same message this time using the French dictionary we get both the numbers and message in french.

# espeak -vfr “1 2 3 4 Bonjour” This all very well but nothing we have described above can be termed useful, fun yes but hardly useful not unless we can change the text that is read to a sound file well guess what you can.

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Here are some examples of console commands you could use with Espeak.

# espeak This is command mode, entering “espeak” with no parameters associated with it allows you type your text, sentence or paragraph on pressing of the carriage return on your keyboard or enter key.

From this simple example you can begin to see how one can grab a sentence, paragraph from a letter or the web and have read to them the contents of what was copied.

Try this yourself put espeak in command mode if you haven’t already done so and copy and paste a section of a letter or web page into the espeak application.

You should immediately here in perfect clarity the contents of what was pasted into the application, be careful not to copy empty lines as this will be seen by the application as a carriage return and initiate espeak before you are ready.