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The Essex and Kent volunteers mobilized for the Patriot War of 1838 and fought battles at Amherstburg, Fighting Island, Pelee Island and Windsor.

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Between 17, both Essex and Kent militia were raised from time to time for specific tasks such as local defence of the garrison against First Nations in 1763 and expeditions into the frontier in 1778-80 during the American Revolutionary War.

After that the militia took on a more formal battalion structure and in 1794 border tensions required their mobilization for combat in what is now Michigan.

During the War of 1812-14, the garrisons at Sandwich and Fort Amherstburg were strengthened with the call out of the Essex and Kent regiments.

After a brief incursion into Essex County the Americans returned to the safety of Fort Detroit.

A combined force of Essex and Kent militia, British regulars, other Upper Canada militia and First Nations crossed the Detroit River and forced the surrender of Fort Detroit.


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