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His derivation and his invention (which, with frank generosity of character he shares with those close to him out of the simple pleasure of illustrating – through dividing with others – a diary of events, possibilities and ideas that might prove useful) include whole pieces or just pieces of memories, as is to be expected or is normal, but above all and mainly unexpected methods of operating, collating, conjugating, coinciding or assembling these memories and collections.They are pieces of space (sometimes direct and simple; other times nebulous) that are left over from journeys, from films, from books and from the most powerful thing that a city provides its inhabitants with.[And, for MV, if the architect himself is a gaze that chooses and shows, the city is the proud and complex sum that is given out with the inexhaustible capacity of always provoking new combinations].

It is a study, still at the beginning, through which we realise, in the meantime and now, the chosen themes, the incredible sense that a less than orthodox approach is capable of, and of the cultural, urban and architectural advantages that the work will contain in being built and founded on that site.

A contemporary museum is above all a space left open, a support and a container, in which specialists and curators may record points of view, organisations of their own and signifying assemblies.

Thus a place that is strongly prepared and is neutral.

But it also is the place to receive these proposals of reading and knowledge on the part of the public.

Nina Szielasko (design gráfico, fotografia e multimédia/ graphic design, photography and multimedia), Bruno Franquet e Carlos Pontes (logotipo e webdesign/ logo and webdesign) Henrique Carvalho (investigação histórica/ historical research), Margarida Almeida Bastos (investigação histórica/ historical research), Rosário Dantas (investigação museológica/ museological research), João Mourão (relações públicas/ public relations)All architecture is based on two principles, in which one is positive and the other arbitrary.