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Mohsen Saba, a dedicated bibliophile, had advocated.In 1945 he married Shayesteh Afsharieh who bore him four sons Babak, Bahram, Kooshiar and Arash.His first venture in book publishing was in 1951 when he published journal to edit this journal.

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This valuable publication continued as long as Afshar lived, ending with the 27th issue.

Many works of historical literary, scientific, etc. I became acquainted with him after I returned from England in 1953 in semi-regular meetings at the office of , the journal of the Persian Publishers’ Society.

In 1956 when I received a grant to visit the United States for six months and again in 1958 when I was invited to teach at Columbia University, Afshar agreed to direct the (The Institute for Translation and Publication, BTNK) in my absence.

By this time Afshar was a noted Persian scholar with vast experiences in different fields.

In 1957 he finished a one-year course on librarianship organized by UNESCO in France.