Feeling rejected online dating

You can make up stories about why the person stopped returning your emails after many lively conversations, but you will never know the real reason unless they reappear in your inbox.

You never know what’s going on in someone else’s life, and you never know what someone’s motivation is for starting to date online.

That said, there are definitely ways to deal with rejection.

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To avoid crashing into depression, you must learn to maintain a certain level of detachment while your online relationship evolves.

This may sound harsh, but people take off as often as they stick around, so protect yourself, your heart and your self-esteem. If you’ve never met your date in person, you can’t take their rejection personally.

Unfortunately, people tend to judge others for the smallest things.

If it was something about the way you looked in your photo, or something you said in your profile that turned the other person off, so be it. Related: Julie Spira Discusses ‘The Perils of Cyber-Dating’ Take online dating rejection lightly, and move on.

After all, there are plenty more matches where they came from.