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Copies of articles that are held by the Veterinary Library can be supplied through our Vet Access service or from other sources, such as your local public library.

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- - - Hints for using Pub Med: While the Pub Med interface is relatively easy to use, we recommend that you go through the training tutorial if you are having difficulty or would like to increase your searching skills.

Click "Tutorial" on the left sidebar on the Pub Med home page.

Simply enter one or more keywords, such as "diabetes therapy dogs" [without quote marks], and click Go. Click the authors' name line to see an abstract if it is available.

Some examples of possible searches are: diabetes therapy dogs; feline infectious peritonitis diagnosis cats; lameness surgery horses For guidance on limiting your search to clinical veterinary articles only, use the Pub Med Searching Guide.

Consultant is a database designed to link over 500 clinical signs and symptoms to nearly 7,000 possible diagnoses or disease conditions.