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My impassioned writing style tolerates no-nonsense, which can annoy or offend people, but my purpose is not inflammatory. I am partially influenced by Nietzsche therefore my writing is perhaps an example of how to philosophize with a hammer.

Editor’s note: FWIW, my actual concern was that this article might feel a bit like an attack on individuals who formerly were involved with H+.

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Within the futurism community I feel there is often a toadying sycophancy shown towards some big names, therefore criticising these idols of futurism can be tantamount to an attack on God, which inevitably riles people, but if futurism is truly about explosive intellectualism then we must permit potentially offensive opinions because free-expression is vital for free-thinking.

I’m fiercely independent therefore my views are my views alone.

I’m an intellectual iconoclast thus my thinking is not hampered a deluded sense of etiquette.

Via the hammer of my words I seek to destroy the intellectual travesty of our modern world.