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If an offender is classified as a Level II (medium) risk assessment classification, he or she may still petition to be removed but must wait ten years from the time of the completed sentence.The law does not make these classifications completely determinative, and the classifications may be challenged.

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Specifically, if the offender has completed all required incarceration, parole, probation, and supervision, and the individual has received a Level I (low) risk assessment classification, he or she may petition the court to be removed from the registry and to have restrictions on employment and residence lifted.

(Under the old law, a sex offender had to wait ten years from the time of his or her sentence concluding before petitioning for removal.) A petition for release must be filed in the superior court of the jurisdiction where the individual was convicted and copies must be served on the district attorney and sheriff of that jurisdiction and on the sheriff of the jurisdiction where the individual resides.

If the individual was not convicted in Georgia, the petition must be filed in the county where the individual resides.

Typically, a sex offender will not have a risk assessment classification unless he or she has a recent conviction date.

If no risk assessment has been conducted, the judge assigned to hear the petition will order that the Sex Offender Registration Review Board in Atlanta classify the individual.


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