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Art: The art director, Takashi Kurahashi, is the same guy who did the wonderful art direction in Mononoke. The art style fits nicely in this series and is very distinct as each of the monster designs are original and unique.

From the description and art, it may seem "kiddie", like the other Gegege no Kitarou adaptations, but it is far from it.

This series has quite a sense of humor, so those who like dark comedy may like this series.

Story: Hakaba Kitarou does not actually have an overarching plot.

Most of the episodes can stand on their own, and there is very little connection between what happens from the previous episode to the next one, with the exception of one or two of the episodes.

The titular character, Kitarou, is the last living descendant of the Ghost Tribe, and it is basically a story of his various encounters with different supernatural beings.