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Online dating is the greatest invention the world has ever seen. You browse profiles, find someone you like and start a conversation.

With any luck they will like you back and you can look forward to a new life of love, romance and passionate lovemaking. In reality, it’s like that game at the fun fair where you have to shoot a row of ducks but nobody ever seems to be able to hit the target.

Fixed or not, it’s frustrating, and unless you’re a crack Marine Corps sniper, you will often go home empty handed. As a “veteran” of over 60 internet dates and nearly 10 years of negotiating my way through the many, many websites out there, I know firsthand how arduous and frustrating it can be.

I’ve made countless errors, put up stupid pictures, sent even stupider messages and had “sure things” vanish into thin air.

It’s this experience, however, that has enabled me to figure out what the hell I am doing, and I wish to share some of my tips and tricks with you.


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