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Other things you can find on my turn off list include being Judgmental, Pessimistic, Self Centered and Mean Spirited. Doing all as partners, not always together physically, but always spiritually, I believe in my dreams and my dreams are very simple from one side and very hard to come to life from another!Infidelity, Vanity and being unreliable could also send me packing at extreme stages. My dream is to find a woman who is able to love and who really needs to be loved.i hope am not asking for too much because my Idea of an Open Adult Partnership has nothing to do with swinging, swapping, threesomes or multiple partners.

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To give Her everything without asking anything back, to care about Her, to laugh with Her and to cry together, to dream about her, when she will not be near me, to live for Her! someone to hold on , someone to lean on, someone who could be there for me as i will for her, To love each other deeply and never let go of each other in sickness and health, For richer for poorer, I believe the right woman of my dream is somewhere out there, What I want from love is a lifetime of affection and passion days of conversation laughter and play nights of intimate caresses and romantic interplay a partner in every way whether an escort for a social affair or cuddling in a leather recline chair, a shoulder to cry on in times of distress, a cheering section for every success a woman whose smile brightens my day.

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