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[pt.15]The minute mathematician: or, the free-thinker no just-thinker. The poetical calendar: Containing a collection of scarce and valuable pieces of poetry: ...

[pt.8]The habitable world described: or the present state of the people in all parts of the globe, from north to south; shewing the situation, extent, climate, ... With a great variety of maps and copper-plates, ... Giving a particular and entertaining account of whatever is curious, and worth observation; ... During the adminstration of the late separate ministry. With a picture of Sir John, drawn by a pen, exactly after the life.

A tour thro' the whole island of Great Britain: Divided into circuits or journeys. By William Funnell, An appendix to the Representation: (printed in the year 1769,) of the injustice and dangerous tendency of tolerating slavery, or of admitting the least claim of private property in the persons of men in England. A sermon preach'd before the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor the aldermen, and citizens of London, at the cathedral church of St. In this pamphlet is given an estimate, shewing that a gentleman, ... Being a supplement to A description of three hundred animals. An account of the proceedings against the rebels, and other prisoners, tried before the Lord Chief Justice Jefferies: and other judges in the west of England, in 1685. A defence of free-thinking in mathematics: In answer to a pamphlet of Philalethes Cantabrigiensis, intituled, Geometry no friend to infidelity, or a defence of Sir Isaac Newton, and the British mathematicians. Walton's Vindication of the principles of fluxions ... I have perused a pamphlet entitled, Some reasons why the practice of inoculation ought to be introduced into the town of Bury at present, and have been surprized to find this elaborate piece so little in substance, An address to the public, on the treatment which the editor of the History of Sir Charles Grandison has met with from certain booksellers and printers in Dublin. Faulkner's defence of himself, published in his Irish news-paper of Nov. 1753The characters and conduct of Sir John Edgar: and his three deputy-governours.

House of Commons: as it was introduced at the bar, and summ'd up by Mr. Proposals for printing a very curious discourse: in two volumes in quarto, intitled, Pseudologia politikē; or, a treatise of the art of political lying, with an abstract of the first volume of the said treatise. Containing an account of Captain Dampier's expedition into the South-Seas in the ship St George, in the years 17. Together with the author's voyage from Amapalla ... By James Townley, A defence of Sir Fopling Flutter, a comedy written by Sir George Etheridge. was rightly compos'd by the knight his father, to answer the ends of comedy; The family instructor: In two parts. Relating to family breaches, and their obstructing religious duties. To the great mistake of mixing the passions, in the managing and correcting of children. The way to be rich and respectable: Addressed to men of small fortune. Extracted from the most considerable writers of natural history; ... To which is prefix'd, the Duke of Monmouth's, the Earl of Argyle's, and the Pretender's declarations, that the reader may the better judge of the cause of the several rebellions.

The substance of the evidence on the petition presented by the West-India planters and merchants, to the Hon. To which is added a retort courteous on the criticks, as delivered at the second and third lectures The beauties of the late Right Hon. To which are added, the cases of many persons who have been cured, and a proposal highly meriting the consideration of the public. beasts, birds, fishes, insects, plants, fruits, and flowers.


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