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Kadal is the story of a young direction-less man and the influences on his life with a fishing hamlet as the backdrop.

However, the pivot is the conflict between Arvind Swamy and Arjun which forms the warp and weft of Kadal on which the entire film is woven.

It will not be an understatement to say Arvind Swamy owns Kadal. We are seeing him after quite a long aestivation and the man literally owns the screen with his portrayal of Father Sam.

Be it the pain or the anguish or the affection or the determination to carry on Jesus’ doctrine, Arvind Swamy triumphs with the myriad emotions.

And Arjun is the perfect foil for Arvind Swamy with a different kind of characterization and the Action King sails through his role. As the affection deprived and the venom spewing Thomas, Gautham delivers in his very first film. The younger versions of Gautham are perfect, especially the child. Technically Kadal boasts of illustrious names that prove their mettle once again.