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"He said someone had stolen his workboots, so I sent him a new pair." Then, it was 0 to help pay his men.

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Scammers "establish a strong bond with their victim through constant communication," she said.

"They get the person to where they actually believe they have a relationship with the scammer.

This can be a long process, sometimes up to six or eight months." Patrish Giocolo is a moderator for Romance "Most people have this picture of this lonely old woman surfing the Internet, but that's not the case," Giocolo said.

"These con artists are intelligent, kind, and people are losing their hearts." Among the members of Romance, the financial loss doesn't resonate as strongly as the emotional toll, Giocolo said.

Through the Yahoo Personals dating site, Giocolo met a man from California who had traveled to Ghana to build roads. "He said he won a contract in Ghana, but when he got back, he'd like to meet me," Giocolo said.