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Sadly, we live in a culture that “trains” our minds to view seductiveness as the norm from a very young age.Just take a quick walk through the mall and you’ll see poster after poster featuring models striking a sexual pose.

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Taking seductive selfies isn’t raunchy anymore…it’s acceptable and praised.

Since we live in a fallen world it makes sense that our culture praises and encourages girls to act this way.

The question I have for you is this: Why in the world are Christian girls posting seductive selfies??

I’m shocked sometimes when I get on my Instagram and see some of the sensual poses a few of my Christian friends are posting.

What surprises me even more is the comments I read from other Christian friends who are complimenting these images and calling them “beautiful.” So what’s up with this? I know the answer to these questions because I used to be one of those girls.


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