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all of that is REAL, and even now, people still criticize me.

But I have never been more happy and confident in myself than I am today," Suleiman says.

Mehgan Heaney-Grier is an ocean adventurer, marine conservationist, biologist, freedive champion and TV host.

There are models, actresses, athletes, scientists, moms — women with both inner and outer beauty.

Some of the pictures they share are super hot; others, heartwarming; some, just plain goofy and fun. Someone can radiate sex appeal by an intense gaze of their eyes or a confidence that emanates from them.

Intelligence is sexy, funny is sexy, and being comfortable in one's skin is sexy.

Here are 12 women from around the world who are the epitome of sexy.

Begin slideshow Model Charlotte Mc Kinney has dyslexia and was bullied when she was growing up. Charlotte and her partner, Keoikantse Motsepe, were the second couple to be eliminated on season 20 of Daphne Joy wears many hats: she's a model, host, entrepreneur and designer, and she wears them (and everything) well."Remember you can't please everyone, just the ones that matter," she says. You may know her from the "Blurred Lines" video, but Emily Ratajkowski is so much more, as she explains in her Lenny Letter."I refuse to live in this world of shame and silent apologies.