Modern family s04e02 online dating

Haley is an independent teenage girl who is growing up a little too fast to please her parents.

Alex is the typical middle child, a little too smart for everyone and a basically good kid.

The youngest is Luke, a scatterbrained boy who is adorable in his own unique way.

The show revolves around three different families, all stemming from the core family of Jay Pritchett, who is on his second marriage to a much younger woman.

While it is hard, Jay manages to keep up with his younger wife and her 12-year old son remarkably well.

The show focuses on the trials, joys, and tribulations of not only Jay, but his extended family as well.

The family is followed throughout the show as they go through everything from divorce and heartbreak to everyday occurrences.

The core family includes Jay, his wife Gloria, and Manny, which we get to see go through many levels of frustration and joy with comical scenes involving Jay’s second chance marriage.