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Why did they have to add the squishy sound when she goes for the eyes?

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Did anyone else briefly think Frank was actually going to confess to killing Peter and Zoe? Why doesn't anyone on this White House staff notice that Tom's not that great at writing speeches?

Why are Tom and Claire being so careless about their sexytime?

If you were Tom the reporter, wouldn't you at least be tempted to throw a totally off-topic, personal question into this ultra high-stakes game of Never Have I Ever? Frank is either going to kill Tom or kiss him, right?

From 'Homeland' to 'Lip Service', there's more sex on our screens than ever.

Investigating Sex Alice 2003 Lost Junction Missy Lofton 2003 The Company Loretta "Ry" Ryan 2003 Blind Horizon Chloe Richards. Neve Campbell Dismisses Sex Symbol Status 2/14/2006. Neve Campbell décide alors de délaisser le thriller, et tourne dans des comédies comme Investigating Sex et surtout l'un de ses films préférés, Company de.


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    Sunday night to discover a horrifying email from his ex-girlfriend titled simply “A few things.” HARRISBURG, PA—Claiming that the price of the incredible idea far exceeded his emotional investment in his relationship, local man Alex Ramsey said Wednesday that an extravagant romantic gesture he has in mind is too expensive to waste on his current girlfriend.

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    A young pilot is fired from military air force after disobeying an absurd order. See full summary » A girl is looking for an answer to her continuous break-ups.