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Enjoy watching One Piece 554 here at Ani Linkz Anime Stream.The citizens marvel and celebrate at the arrival of Luffy and his crew along with the enemy.The New Fishman Pirates wonder how some of the crew had survived and are alive and Jinbe comments on how his plan with the Straw Hat Pirates crew worked.

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He seems to be not as harmed as he should have been as Hody berates Luffy and his crew along with himself, claming that he will become the King of the Pirates.

This enrages Luffy as he takes down half of Hody's forces of 100,000 with Haki and says to Hody that he will become the King of the Pirates and not Hody himself.

Luffy asks Jinbe about his performance and Jinbe comments that it did not go exactly as planned and recalls the events that happened a few hours before at the Sea Forest.

For the sake of the citizens and their future, Jinbe wanted to portray Luffy as a hero while dealing with Hody Jones.

- Hordy announces his plan for turning humans into slaves, the people of Fish-Man Island throw their support behind a new champion, and Luffy amazes even his own friends!