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It contains extensive orthographic information on the new writing standard and also contains valuable phonemic charts.Also of interest is the inclusion of some archaic vocabulary.

The Congress graciously consented, and so the president was renamed "Karanduawn, or the Great Tree." With the Iroquois chiefs inside the halls of Congress on the eve of American Independence, the impact of Iroquois ideas on the founders is unmistakable.

History is indebted to Charles Thomson, an adopted Delaware, whose knowledge of and respect for American Indians is reflected in the attention that he gave to this ceremony in the records of the Continental Congress.

The use of Indian women to provide an exemplar of feminist liberty continued into the nineteenth century.

On May 16, 1914, only six years before the first national election in which women had the vote, Puck printed a line drawing of a group of Indian women observing Susan B.

Anthony, Anne Howard Shaw and Elizabeth Cady Stanton leading a parade of women.