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I am in the UK and my views are all still in place (though they have never been ALL visible in one folder) and I see no ' Contributions' link in a side menu.

In other words, these changes have not happened to my account in the UK, yet. "Contributions" anywhere as you said - " More exposure for your new Maps profile (see “Contributions” from the maps.side menu)" -----------show me a screenshot please. It's the day before school starts, so everyone is looking at the school on Maps. the image links directly to my Google Plus post about it. the Views site now redirects straight to here so I cannot revoke the "public" status of the image.

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This is unacceptable, I've reported the image and it remains, I've deleted the post I put up that featured the photo and it remains, now I'm venting in the only place I know (the place that the Views website now redirects me to).

This is a SEVERE problem that I had no idea would be a problem.

There was no indication that this type of thing would or could happen.Damn it!

Even clicking on the wording of the post within Google Maps takes me here! When I try in an Incognito Window, I get the whole "Join Google+" thing which is immediately followed by: "Share the right things with just the right people."I'm a dad looking to protect his kids.

I'm about to throw my monitor against the wall and send a bill to Google to replace it.Guys, the "contributors" option is inside the Maps menu.